Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Web Activism: Baba Ali - Muslim While Flying

Ummah Films is a film production company that has been very active on the web over the past year. Their goal is to provide an Islamic message to both Muslims and non Muslims. They want to use entertainment, in an Islamically permissable way, to reach out to people and help educate them about Islam. Baba Ali is the primary human force of Ummah films (he would say only the mistakes are his). Most or all of the blog is entries by him. The YouTube account shows 25 videos released to date. Ali has a real talent for standup delivery and his videos are all one man performances about various issues. I do not know if his name is his birth name or a web personality name but I do still find it to be an interesting ironic and clever twist that a guy who is trying to help break Muslim stereotypes has a name that is Ali Baba backwards.

I am really impressed with Ali. He and I both do web commentary. . though I think he does it far better. . .and he is working to deliver his very important message in a lighthearted way designed to reach people through humor. I am posting the above video from his Metacafe account because it is in the producer rewards program there and all views from that location will eventually put money towards his cause.

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