Thursday, June 7, 2007

Comedy: Jessica Delfino - I wanna Be Famous

Technically this is a music video but I think it is a comedy first. Jessica Delfino describes herself this way:

"I am a filthy stand up comic with a perverted sense of humor who plays guitar and sings vulgar little songs."

She had a hit with this video on YouTube which combines one of her songs with the animation skills of Nick Fox-Gieg. It has had 638,000 hits and counting. If you want more, there is another song of hers called Sudden Change on her profile at garage band. It isn't supported by a music video but it has a similar kind of humor.

This one didn't do much for me at first but as I got into it and saw what she was saying it caught me by surprise and made me laugh. It is the truth of the satire that I think makes it more relevent that just fluff comedy. The VA Tec shooter killed those people because he wanted to be famous and the mainstream news made it so. That kids face was everywhere and the whole country now knows him as someone that will live in infamy. . . otherwise knows as famous.

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