Monday, June 11, 2007

Video Game Filmmaking: DAoC - My Immortal

This video was created using screen captures from the massively multiplayer online roleplaying video game Dark Age of Camelot. The characters in this game can do various emotes such as drinking (with invisible mugs in this case) or dancing, laughing,crying begging etc. This allows for a primitive sort of acting. Another character is played in first person view and that one acts as a second camera. Between this perspective and the primary characters own camera (played on a seperate computer) a great diversity of shots can be achieved. Other players are recruited as a supporting cast, a screen capture program is used to turn the game play into video clips and they are edited together with sound and/or music like any other footage.

I love this new generation of short films that are being created in video game engines because it represents a really innovative way to create 3D animation sequences. Look for more examples of of this approach in future posts. I have a feeling it was works like this that inspired the Southpark Episode that takes place in the World Of Warcraft.

Unfortunately I don't have much information about the producer of this video since the credits all seem to list people only by their character names in the game.

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LeeAnn said...

Thanks for including this video, it was one of my personal favorites but I'm afraid I no longer have the producer information either. He was a gaming friend of mine who lost his female gaming partner due to a real life accident which took her life. This was his tribute to her in the best way he knew how.