Saturday, June 16, 2007

Documentary: Made In USA

This is another great example of the power of Current TV! It was one of the very first videos I watched on the site and it really opened my eyes to how important citizens armed with cameras could be. It is especially powerful because it is shot and told by someone who grew up in a communist controlled state and we get a completely different perspective because of this. The video takes place in New York City's Thompkins Square Park and it focuses on a demonstration that was broken up by the NYPD. How the NYPD breaks up this demonstration is what makes this piece so intriguing.

It was produced by Voytek Szczytko and Kashka Glowackawho, both from Poland. Voytek studied literature and journalism at Warsaw University. In addition to a stint as an ad agency copywriter, he's worked as a print journalist and for TV stations including MTV Europe, Vision Sport, TVN, and TVP. Voytek currently works full-time producing short narrative films with developmentally disabled adults.

Kashka, together with Voytek formed, a New York based Film Production Company, where Kashka focuses on cinematography, editing, and graphics.

Voytek and Kashka shoot documentaries, events, short films and music videos. The company's first short film, "Walls Are Doors," was accepted by more than 20 film festivals, winning five awards and landing international DVD and cable distribution deals.

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Plisko said...

Wow Scoot. I haven't seen this one. This is really powerful. Thanks for posting it!