Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Documentary: twodee - 245 MPG

David Forlano and Debrianna Mansini are collaborators on two documentaries that have been uploaded to Current TV under the producer name: twodee. Their previous upload, Doing My Part/Solar Energy was chosen by the Current web community to be put on the National Network. This is their latest effort that is still in competition at Current. It examines an electric car concept that is an alternative method of travel for short trips in the neighborhood. It's called the NEV: Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. If you like what this video is saying, as I do, then go create a Current TV account and give it a greenlight.


David Forlano said...

Thank you for posting this here! WOW! That was very nice of you.

I will try and stay tuned into your blog and try and answer any question people may have about this video and any other sustainable issues. There is SO MUCH to catch up with and we are learning amazing stuff from people every day here in Santa Fe, NM.

Plisko said...

You guys are doing good work. It is well worthy of note when good independent producers are telling good stories on the web. The whole point here is that we are trying to find more people like us who are really trying to make a difference with web videos.

Some other great electric car projects I've found:

Zap Motors Zap Standing for Zero Air Polution. They make cars 3 wheelers and off road motorcycles and ATV's all electric. Their corporate headquarters is in Santa Rosa California.

Phoenix Motorcars is making an all electric SUV and pickup in Ontario California.

And of course the most well know is
Tesla Motors who make the $100,000 electric sports car that can outperform a Ferrari.

All of those are bosting 200+ miles per charge and the first two of them are offering a 10 minute fast charge technology.

Hope that's useful.

David Forlano said...

Zap is great. Very fun looking cars. I have, off and on, invested in them with the little money I have in the stock market.

We shot a talk with Ben Luce yesterday afternoon that we hope to edit and bang out this weekend. Here is a peak into our next story if we can grab the time to put this together.... http://www.breakthegrip.org/

Ben Luce is an amazing man and there are several stories to be told here.

Plisko said...

That looks like a great organization. We need more grass roots movements working towards breaking the corporate deathgrip on our government.

I can't wait to see the video!