Monday, June 4, 2007

Media Crashers Contributor: Plisko

Roy Plisko, better known as just Plisko on the web, has had formal training in music, video, and film production from both The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and New York University. He lived in New York City for 9 years after graduating NYU where he worked full time as a freelancer on the production of major music videos, television promos, commercials and feature films.

Plisko has been a web video enthusiest since the .com bubble in the late 90's. As the infrastructure made it more and more possible, he began tailoring his projects specifically to a web audience. In 2006 he teamed up with America Blog founder John Aravosis to produce "The Path To Mickey" a parody of the ABC/Disney Release "The Path to 9/11", which received over 35,ooo hits on YouTube in the first 48 hours it was posted (and has since been taken down when the Aravosis account was singled out by YouTube for posting John Stewart clips and closed). He has also been very prolific on Current TV where 5 of his uploads were chosen by the web audience as the number one pick to go on the TVnetwork. He has also maintained a web presence on YouTube, and mania TV.

Pisko now lives in Phoenix Arizona where he is raising a family and doing freelance commercial video with his production company: Zebra Motion Arts. He is also a video blogger, a teacher of video production at The Art Institute of Phoenix and a drummer/singer for a professional Irish rock band.

Selections from Current TV:

Selections From YouTube:

Selections From Metacafe:

The Path To Mickey on LuLU TV:

Note: This version of The Path To Mickey is a third party post from someone who must have grabbed it from YouTube before the account was closed.

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