Monday, June 18, 2007

Documentary: Brave New Films - Blackwater, America's Private Army

Brave New Films is an independent production company in Culver City California headed up by Robert Greenwald. They have done several feature length documentaries including Out Foxed, Iraq for Sale, Wallmart, and Uncovered. They have also done a great deal of short form web activism. Their crusade against Fox news has taken maximum advantage of YouTube's viral opportunities. Their video Fox Attacks Obama has been viewed half a million times and it was a driving force in the netroots campaign that eventually led to the withdrawal of the Nevada Democrats from a Fox News sponsored Democratic presidential debate.

The above clip is a short documentary that was produced during the making of Iraq For Sale. It examines Blackwater Security and its role in Iraq.

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Michael said...

Scary. Very scary. You'll wish you hadn't seen it. Fabulous production and editing by Robert Greenwald.