Friday, June 15, 2007

Comedy: Jeff Lew - Killer Bean 2: The Party

This is a great web success story. It is another one of the classic web videos that put iFilm on the map. It also put Jeffry Lew, it's creator on the map. He did this video as his first 3D modeling project as an homage to John Woo's The Killer. He used a bean as his character because it was the easiest kind of 3D character he could think of to model and animate: A sphere with arms and legs. Since it's release on iFilm it has become number 2 in iFilms top 100 of all time and 28 in the top 50 3D projects of all time by 3D world magazine. Jeffrey Lew has also gone on from there to do professional 3D work including the lead animator of 20 different shots in The Matrix Reloaded.

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