Sunday, June 17, 2007

Music: Sunday Morning Old School Gospel - Don't Take Your Joy Away

I was surfing around YouTube and I came across this video of a gospel music performance by Kirk Franklin and The Family that just blew my mind. We hear this in pop music now but it is easy to forget that this sound, and this style of singing, was born as a form of worship. These people are in Church. This is a prayer. Why can't the whole world worship this way?

I know it's a real old school style, and it's actually a clip from TV apparently but. . wow. . if this womans voice doesn't make your spirit soar on a Sunday morning. . . I don't think anything could. The hip hop video that follows it is a horribly jarring crash back to earth next to that gospel song . . . I don't know why they put them together like that. Unless you are a big rap fan then feel free to ignore it

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