Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MC Original Release: Plisko - 2 videos

As a way of testing out Metacafe further and to promote this blog, I have uploaded 2 more videos as "Media Crashers Original Releases" That makes 3 including the ones below. My metacafe profile with the videos can be found HERE.

The two new videos under this blog's name are:

A Chapman Stick Demonstration by Michael Kollwitz which is additional footage from a previous project:

And a morphing animation I did of Ann Coulter a while back while doing prep for a sequel to a previous project. The sequel was never finished and It was a shame to waste some of the work I did so I uploaded one of the bits in the hopes that it might bring in a little viral traffic:

The way that the producer rewards program at Metacafe works is that uploads have a review period when they are uploaded. The video is public and it is getting views and rankings by a group that looks at videos early. It is not listed on their primary web page yet, however, where it will be seen by the community at large. Part of what they say a video needs is a rank of 3 stars of greater. The ranking system is pretty harsh in the beginning so if anyone wants to participate in the competition, feel free to create a Metacafe account and throw some star love the videos if you like them. The video also needs to hit 20,000 views to begin really taking off so feel free to watch them multiple times if you like them. . lol. . .

Views and ranking can be tracked from this page and watching them from this location counts as much as it does from the Metacafe site. Enjoy


Shola said...

I did consider Metacafe for my videos, but their rewards program is a bit harsh and too selective, so wouldn't work for me.

I hope it works out for you.


Plisko said...

Yes the rating system is pretty harsh and the multi stage process that they use to post things is rediculous.