Sunday, June 3, 2007

Food and Drink: Tiki Bar TV - Drink Bot

Tiki Bar TV is a mixed drink show that has a really high production value for a low tech production and they use very clever editing to effectively to cover for what looks like increasingly drunk actors. They perform a new skit every episode (while drinking) that takes place at their apartment sized tiki bar and revolves around a particular mixed drink that they will eventually tell you how to make yourself. There are 3 main characters: A cute girl, Lala a goofy bartender, Johnny Johnny and Doctor Tiki who eventually prescribes the drink to solve the problem of the day. These are supported by a huge cast of guest appearances by nobody anyone has ever heard of. . . but it all looks like a blast and God bless em for it!

I have always thought this podcast was an amazingly clever approach and it is a very popular iTunes subscription. I am subscribed to it myself because it is very inspiring to me as an example of a snappy delivery using the basic tools of editing, color manipulation and composition as the primary engine for it's motion. There are people with some skillz on this team.

This is one of their most famous episodes. Some might call it a mini epic.

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