Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Racists line up to see Palin in Ohio

Al Jazeerah visits the Palin stump speech in Ohio, (dear Allah).

The real story is not that these people are stupid, we all know that, it's that they're talking to Al Jazeera about this stuff.

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Anonymous said...

With reference to the previous comment, I'm not sure how the media is the story. They're an international news organization like any other. Nor is the story that they are stupid. I didn't see signs of stupidity as I do when I watch Jay Leno doing his on the street interviews with Masters degree students et al. These seem like ordinary people of average intelligence who just happen to be profoundly ignorant at a time and on a topic they ought to be well-informed about. With their heads that empty of information, they appear to be ripe to have their heads filled with anything Sarah Palin or anyone else wants to fill them with. Either the Obama campaign is not communicating its message, or there is some alien species loose in Ohio that is sucking information out of the brains of "folks" (as they are now nearly universally referred to.) DD