Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mr. McCain goes to Washington

So in the latest desperate move by Republican, Mr. Smith Mr. McCain goes to Washington, perhaps on a white horse, to save the day.

It doesn't matter that he hasn't been seen in the Senate chambers in over 6 months, or that he's not even a member of the Senate banking committee, or that he's "not an expert on the economy", yet, this latest P.R. stunt to grab some limelight from Obama's recent surge in the polls has Americans scratching their heads and looking with cynicism at the senior AZ. senator's attempt to maneuver out of the debates this coming Friday.

One could call the campaigns decision to do this as McDesperate.

McCain's Keating 5 connection:

McCain on economics:

And the best one of all, McCain admits he hasn't even read the Paulson Bailout Plan.

The hour grows nigh for the Republicans. This is a total move of desperation by McCain's advisers and nothing more than a media stunt.

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libhom said...

Thanks for pointing out the Keating Five scandal.