Saturday, September 20, 2008

2008 Light Up America and Canada Tour

25 years later, the comedy Duo of Cheech & Chong are back & touring doing their famous pot-smoking-infused comedy routines, updated for today's audience of course. It's nice to see Tommy Chong will get to make some decent bread after his legal problems the last few years.

As a teen during the Reagan years, I watched these funny drug comedies made famous by the duo get hatcheted when they were aired on regular cable in the 80's. Comedy Central, under the guidelines set by the drug free america/just say no witchhunts, removed all the drug references from these films and still aired them. I remember in one Cheech & Chong film, they substituted diamonds for the marijuana and ran with those edits the entire film. They did similar edits in other comedy movies like 9-to-5 to remove the liberation scene where they smoked pot. But I digress.

Coming soon to a city near you: CHEECH & CHONG

2008 Light Up America & Canada Tour

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