Friday, January 18, 2008

Red State Update

The comedy duo Travis and Jonathan at YouTube has taken the notion of blue state vs. red state politics to a level of comedy heretofore unseen on YT with their show "RED STATE UPDATE". Claimed to be shot in Los Angeles, the two hosts are from Murfreesboro and Huntland, Tennessee, in deep south territory. Their beer drinking, on-screen political antics have been delighting viewers for about a year.

Before you dismiss their show as a fluke, or a neer-do-well Jeff Foxworthy ripoff, I implore you to stay tuned. These two are producing some biting political satire at it's best, and their weekly comedy show has traveled from the Iowa Caucus to the debates, and comments on all things in the political realm have been drawing a large audience.

Here is their latest video, a farewell to Joe Biden & Chris Dodd, as a music video:

And here is a atypical episode of theirs where they discuss Hillary & McCain Winning in New Hampshire:

I like these guys a lot. They spoof red-state politics with sophistication that's just under the radar.


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