Thursday, January 10, 2008

Politics: Trust Your Heart

It's Time To Stand Up For Your Man

Michael Moore sent me a letter just before the NH primary where he went over the positives and negatives about the leading democratic candidates. He said that he wasn't officially endorsing anyone and then went on to list mostly negatives about the others and mostly positives about John Edwards. . . not that it was an endorsement.

I was listening to Air America the other day and Mike Malloy was saying how the field looks good and the show is not endorsing anyone but they are leaning towards John Edwards. A Huffington post article I read recently Said very much the same. I could go on. It seems like lots of people aren't really endorsing anyone. . . but they want to point out some good things about John Edwards.

Well you know what? There's this little thing called "the establishment" and they most definitely DON'T like John Edwards. Keep playing footsie with his candidacy and you will "not endorse but like" John Edwards right out of the Primary.

This is not a time to be some kind of "neutralbot" public Democrat who doesn't want to tarnish the primaries by actually making a decision about someone. This is not the time to drop hints about who you like while the other candidates clearly have an advantage. This is the time to take action and stand behind your man! This is the narrow window where your opinions and your influence actually mean something to the election. Don't wait till Hillary's democratic machine and Obama's Martin Luther King road show tips the scales completely.

If you like John Edwards then stand up and say so! The last thing he needs right now is a bunch of public figures who secretly like him but don't want to show "bias" in the election by actually standing up and saying so. This is not the time to play that game! This is the time to make change happen by getting in there and fighting for it!

So. If you are a blogger, or a radio/TV personality, or a documentary film maker who has the ear of Democrats around the country and you actually like John Edwards then now is the time to actually stand behind him rather that talk about him!

Please stop fiddling around while the real candidate of change (or the at least the closest to that of the 3) gets beaten because everyone's talking about Obama's speeches and Hillary's tears!

Stand up and be counted!

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