Thursday, August 30, 2007

Video Activism: Wanderingmind42 - The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See

Wanderingmind42 is a YouTube director who describes himself as a high school science teacher in the process of burning out. This is citizen broadcasting at it's finest if you ask me. It is very simple and low tec. but it cuts through the global warming argument and gets straight to the logic of it, something the old media has yet to accomplish. As might be expected, this video drew the wrath of the global warming critics who proceeded to throw insults and obfuscate the argument into infinity in some of the 1700+ comments that were left about the video.

This led him to produce a number of response videos that are quite entertaining as well as informative so I am including them all below. He is clever in his use of simple, low budget gimmicks to get people's attention. I particularly like the funny hats in video #1 and the way, in video #3 he pokes fun of the short attention span of people on the web by using all his science teacher skills to create a variety of explosions and neat chemical reactions to put in every minute or so.

He calls this series of answers "Patching Holes."

Patching holes #1

Patching holes #2

Patching holes #3


zenbeer said...

I reposted his first video on a political message board I frequent. I don't know if it was pure stupification or what, but allegedly 20+ people have watched it but not commented. Maybe it's just that good?


Christopher Bevan said...

Hey. My names is Chris Bevan, a student Geologist from England.
I really like your videos - but, the reason global warming is happening could actually be because the Heliosphere is decaying and thus more radiation is passing through. but the sun will radiate down on us with or without the heliosphere.

Earth spins rather fast and thus causes an elliptical shape (imagine the diference between a football and a rugby ball - except not as elliptical as a rugby ball). so, this spin will have the same affect on the atmosphere causing it to be thiner at the poles and wider at the equator (im not actually fully sure if its thiner at poles or equator actually)- still learning.

but so to say it is thiner and therefore more radiation will get through because of the thiner atmosphere (due to earths spin) and decaying heliosphere and increased solar activity in the sun atm - NASA confirms this and say it will increase also within the next few years.

Well, we cant control what our sun does and we cant make our atmosphere any thicker so would changing government policy matter and thus would lead to the bottom right box. another thing is. we are scientists but is it right for us to just ignore and deney what all religions and the mians etc are saying about 2012 etc.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and of course its just an idea. I wish you were one of my lectures - great method.

if you wish to contact me:


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