Friday, August 17, 2007

Documentary: Yankees Roll Call

OK, so this isn't something that you are used to seeing on this blog, however I think it lives up to the Media Crasher idea.

I am a huge baseball fan, not a Yankee fan but rather an Oakland A's fan. But my brother showed me this video the other day and I thought it was great. I visited Yankee stadium one time and that was 12 years ago. But I could not remember the famous "roll call." My brother actually said to me after watching this, "You know , it's too bad TV just shows the games and doesn't let you in on what it really feels like to be in the park itself." Well, he's right! You would never see this if it wasn't for some guy, in this case Michael Stewart, who takes us into the heart of the Yankee crowd and shares this moment that happens at the beginning of every game at Yankee Stadium. As a baseball fan I'm sure you are going to love this, if you're not a fan, well, forgive me.

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