Monday, February 8, 2010

Stop Telling Me To Go See Avatar!!!

I'm a stubborn bastard. I will deprive myself of the fantastic experience everyone says Avatar is because I think it is the only power I have to tell the man who created it that being a jerk still means accountability to some people.

I will not forgive him for being a jerk to people just because he has a special talent that will entertain me. I'm like that with most artists. They way they conduct themselves personally is more important to me than their talent. I wish more people also felt that way. Talent is a gift and a privilege provided to people by forces outside their own making. Celebrity is a gift and a privilege given to people by OTHER PEOPLE. When jerks run around like their talent and celebrity is self made and it gives them special powers over others, they are taking a gift from the universe and using it to pollute the universe where it counts most. Who gives a shit if you just grossed a billion dollars again. It's not hard to find people who worked for you who witnessed you tearing into someone and it's not hard to find you dissing the people who support you like you are a little mini king and we must humble ourselves before you. Fuck you James Cameron!

It's no wonder so many people hate Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general. We hear and see every day how they exploit every human weakness for attention getting profit. We see example after example of how the people who entertain us can end up being the worst kinds of humans. . . yet all is forgiven because we laugh and cry and say "WOW!"

I may still see the movie some day and I'm sure it will still be cool and amazing blah blah blah. . . and it is pioneering 3D that I'm missing blah blah blah. The new 3D is a gimmick that the industry is pushing and it will be everywhere soon. I'm not that worried that I will miss amazing 3D. I choose see this particular movie on my own terms through the cheapest legal means possible because I want more out of my entertainment than to just say "WOW." I want entertainers to also say "thanks," and mean it, to EVERYONE who supports them, not just their actors, producers and spouses.


The link I provide above is from TMZ which is about my least favorite media source ever and it has been correctly pointed out that this guy may have been deliberately trying to evoke a response. He also becomes an inconsistent jerk himself by the end of it all. This isn't about the guy with the camera though. When someone shows you who they are, regardless of why, you should believe them. BOTH men are showing us who they are. One doesn't cancel out the other.

If you watch the part of the video from earlier you will see that he was an asshole right from the moment he walked out the door:

It could still have been a setup but I don't care. As an industry insider I have heard far too many stories that tell me this is who he is. Even if it was a setup and the guy provoked him off camera before hand, it would take the smallest possible effort to bring this behavior out. Cameron is more than comfortable acting this way. In fact, he is positively relaxed and smug about it.

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