Sunday, September 9, 2007

Three Days in Gaza

Description was written by Adrian Baschuk in January of 2006
So, this piece aired 6 months ago and now we have the benefit of hidsight. What have we learned? Developments? Israel continues with the disengagement process, Hamas won the legislative elections in sweeping fashion, and a university is being built in the area where the Gaza settlements used to be. This piece examined the disengagement soley through an Israeli lens because it was a unilateral move on the part of the Israeli government - the question now is did their efforts pay off? While the US and EU may label Hamas as a terrorist organization, it came into power promising Palestinians a better way of life and an alternative to the old school Fatah party. They have in fact built hospitals, schools, and mosques all over Gaza and generally are perceived to offer good governance. Unfortunately, it's a small minority on both sides, militants on the Palestinian side, and hard line military supporters on the Israeli side that keep the powder keg in place. If this disengagement was supposed to be the first step in restarting the peace process, ask yourself now, has it?


This was one of Adrian Baschuk's first uploads to Current TV, since then Adrian has gone on to produce several news stories from every corner of the globe for the network. I especially enjoy his work. He has a unique style of reporting and always finds the human elements within the larger story that most major networks seem to forget.

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