Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Comedy: Jon Ligon - Ha Ha Ha America

I haven't found much out so far about the creator of this video beyond his name but the video itself has been a viral hit and it has recently been featured in the Sundance film festival. It is an in your face, sarcastic satire that depicts China bragging, quite obnoxiously and with witty translation "errors" about how America is now number 2 next to China as a dominant world power.

An interesting side note: Sundance was hosting the video on their website for a while and nearly every search engine hit for the video links to the Sundance page but now they all lead to a page that has the movie thumbnail, but tells you the festival is over and "come back next year." I'm sure they were coordinating the online part with the real festival and there may be some licensing issues but it just seems counter productive to me on all counts, both for filmmakers and Sundance alike, to shut the online part down when the real festival ends rather than keeping it as an archive of Sundance films. Have these people been paying attention to the YouTube phenomenon at all? What filmmaker wouldn't want his video featured as part of the Sundance archives? What organization wouldn't want people perpetually visiting them from links all over the web and then staying to watch more?

You can also see a higher quality version as one full length video at the Atom Films Page where the producer will get paid if you watch it (because it has a commercial at the start). I would have posted that version here but their embeddable videos are basically just a trailer that forces you to go to their site if you want the whole thing. I would rather leave that decision up to you like everyone else in the web video world does.

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